Delegation Laundry Service

Dear Delegation Leaders,

Summer is beginning in Lamoni – we have had lots of rain and cool weather, if only that would hold out for August.  But we know what it’s like at the end of July – hot and sweaty!

To help you deal with all that heat, we are once again offering our services as Laundry Heroes for the week.  At just $4.00 per camper, our services buy you freedom from laundering team jerseys late at night for 5 evenings, Sunday – Thursday.  You may also throw in 2 extra items per day (i.e. socks, shorts, sports-bras).

You will be matched up with a lovely person from the Lamoni community who will provide you with a distinctive basket or box in which to leave your laundry in the lobby of your dorm by 10:30 each evening.  By 11:00 the next morning, the basket will magically reappear, full of clean jerseys.  What could be easier?

If you are interested in this wonderful service – please contact Jennifer McKinney by July 12, 2013. 

Home: 641-784-3627
Cell: 515-991-2947

She will need your delegation name, and the number of male and female campers (plus staff numbers, however, we will do staff shirts for free since you are working so hard that week!)  We will get you a total cost and on your arrival to Graceland, please have a check made out to Lamoni Community of Christ for that amount.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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