Adventure Classes – 2 Hour Block

SPEC offers a stunning variety of classes on topics you might not get to explore anywhere else. Take a chance and try something new this week!


Amateur Radio (HAM) Licensing Class Terry Redding (103 Resch Science Building—Limit: 30)

Earn your amateur radio license during Spectacular.  This course presents and teaches the knowledge needed to pass the entry level Technician Class amateur radio license examination.  Books and materials will be provided.  If you want to know more about shortwave, radio communications and  ham radio, this is the class for you.


Beginning Golf and Golf Tournament Kevin Brunner (Meet @ Quad Tent—Limit: 14)

Interested in learning the basics or refreshing your skills…this is for you! This class is required for anyone that wants to play in the Spec golf tournament. It may be taken one time to learn the game of golf. It can only be repeated if you are playing in the tournament. If you plan to play in the tournament, you must report to the first day of class and sign in.

**This class will not meet on Thursday. See sports desk for tournament details.**


Celebration & Worship Worship Team (104 & 105 Resch Science Building)

Do you sing, dance, speak, lead, emcee, act, plan, pray, have a testimony, read, or anything else? We want YOU! This class is for everyone who has a desire to share their gift in a worship experience this week. We will be forming a youth band, choreographing dance, planning drama, putting together each Morning Celebration as well as other worship experiences. See you there! Daily attendance required.


High Tech Gardening Steve Upson, Jeanie Upson, & Jen Abraham-White (GU Student Community Garden – east of GU water tower/north of soccer fields—Limit: 20)
Technology is changing the way fruit and vegetables are grown. Come learn how to use some of the new tools and techniques available to home gardeners that can make gardening more productive and enjoyable. This ain’t the way your grandmother gardened!  Only need to attend one day.


It Takes Two and More…Reconciling Douglas Graves, Larry McGuire and Michele McGrath (107 Briggs)
The recent USA National Conference, along with the Australian and Canadian National Conferences, has created a new dynamic within the Community of Christ. Through Scriptures, spiritual practices, music, and respectful conversations, this class looks to provide a safe environment for dialogue, for those yearning to engage in reconciling ministries.


Spec’s Kitchen Beth Thompson (S. Americas Room MSC—Limit 20)

Join Chef Beth Thompson as she teaches the fundamentals and the secrets associated with being a good cook. There will be food and of course, FUN!


Women Empowered Mark Barentine (MSC Main Room—Limit: 50 girls only)

Learn techniques taken from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu designed to teach women how to neutralize the 15 most common attacks. Unlike other self-defense systems, this program employs leverage, technique, and timing so that anyone can survive an attack by a bigger, stronger opponent. Participants do not need any previous martial arts or self-defense experience to participate.

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