Adventures – 11:15 Session Only


Community of Christ—Today and Tomorrow Scott Murphy & Becky Savage (Heritage Chapel, Administration Building—Limit: 10)
Come share with President Scott Murphy and President Becky Savage. What does it mean to be part of Community of Christ? Where do you fit into this faith movement? How do you get involved in mission? Make your voice heard and join the discussion!


Finding God in a Competitive World Doug Roberts (106 Resch Science Building)

We live in a competitive world. Focusing on God and our discipleship can be a challenge amongst all competition. This class offers discussion, tools, and tips to help focus on God in the competitive nature of our world.


Have a Ball Delores Dorland (Student Gallery North Helene Center)

Do you like to throw pillows? How about balls? Well, now you can do both at the same time. You can make your own fabric football, hacky sack, soccer or volley ball free. All you have to do is attend at least three classes to finish your project.


USA National Conference Results John Wight and Stassi Cramm (204 Briggs)
Wondering what Community of Christ decided to do about gay marriage and ordination in the USA? Enter a safe space to dialogue about the conference results, learn about Faithful Disagreement and how we can all be committed to a common mission even in the midst of disagreement.


Waterfall Matt Frizzell & Jeff Kramer (205 Briggs)

Come share experiences from your SPEC Today class and dig deeper into the daily theme/topics. What do the day’s topics mean for you? your friends? your home? your church? your family? for Spec now and in the future? This is a safe environment where everyone is welcomed and every voice is heard.


What’s Going on in Your Brain? Marilee Martens (314 Zimmerman—Limit: 35)

Do the brains of guys and girls weigh the same? Do guys and girls use the same parts of their brain when they talk and do puzzles? Is there really such a thing as ‘brain worms’? Learn the answers to these intriguing questions, and much more, in this fact-filled and informative class about THE AMAZING BRAIN!!!

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