Adventures – 12:15 Session Only


#BadGirlsDoGood – What We Can Learn from BAD Girls of the Bible? Stassi Cramm & Barb Carter (205 Briggs)

Do you ever feel like you just can’t get it right? Life as a disciple is not about being perfect. It is about giving yourself a break (forgiveness), being willing to change (repentance), and believing you can do great things (faith). We’ll look at a different “bad girl” from the Bible each day and see what their life has to teach us girls in the 21st century!


Is It Too Late…For Us and Our Planet? Craig Martens (314 Zimmerman)
We talk a lot about sustainable living….but talking is not enough!  We will explore some of the relationships between humans and the planet.  Who needs who?  How can we reconnect with the Biosphere?  What we know about our environment does make a difference! 

School of Rock! Jammers Unite! (179 Shaw)

Do you play the guitar? Drums? Keyboards? Bass? Do you like rock music? Blues? Country? Want to play in a band with other Spec campers? Want to perform with a group at the Spec talent showcase? Want to learn more about band equipment and actually help with some of the live production work at Spec? If you answered yes to any of these questions, THIS is the class for YOU!


Telamadera Delores Dorland (Student Gallery Helene Center, North–Limit 10)

Tell a ma what? This is an art form that combines wood, fabric, paint and varnish to create an amazing design that’s hard to believe that it is made from these materials.


T-Shirts Re-imagined Shelby Williams (Walker Lounge—Limit: 15)
How many t-shirts have you thrown out, given away, or sold in a garage sale because they were past their prime? Cut it out! No, really, cut it…and make bracelets, headbands, tank tops, scarves and necklaces…or whatever your little heart fancies.

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