Adventures – Choose 11:15 or 12:15 Session

so many choices…


Campfire Kevin Henrickson (Cheville Chapel)

Campfires can be the BEST part of a camp experience…but sometimes they can be a let down–the difference can be YOU.  Come and learn the magic behind what it takes to create and lead a memorable campfire experience!


Ceramics Jim Olson, Carol & David Birks (Ceramics Studio Helene Center—Limit: 25)

Learn the basics building techniques and try your hand at the potter’s wheel. Projects must be started by Tuesday and daily attendance may be necessary for project completion. Check with the instructors about Raku firing at dusk–a sight not to be missed!


Counted Cross-stitch Thea Shelton (Walker Lounge South)

Counted Cross-stitch is an easy to learn and life-long craft. Stitch patterns from Christmas to birds to samplers, and new for this year, a Canada Maple leaf. You will get a kit that has everything you need to complete your pattern and display your finished product. Guaranteed to keep you in stitches.


Drastic Flying Plastic Bob Kelly & Todd Glandon (Meet @ Quad Tent—Limit: 50)

This intro to Disc Golf will work on throwing techniques, rules of fair play and courtesy, making new friends, and enjoying God’s creation. Disc golf promotes healthy body, mind, and spirit! Must be on time to play!


Drawing Naomi Barlow & Andrew Snethen (Drawing Studio Helene Center) Come explore drawing techniques with pencil, charcoal, and pastels. Still life option will be available but free-drawing also welcome.


Glass Fusion Donna & Megan Fletcher (Classroom Helene Center—Limit: 15)

Glass fusion has rapidly grown in popularity over the last few years. If you want to learn more about this “hot” craft, come by and check this class out. You could make a glass pendant necklace, earrings, magnet, ceiling fan pull, or a small medallion for wall or mirror.


GU Dance Teaches Hip Hop Katie Persall & Gadet Assistant (Shaw Movement/Dance Room 151—Limit: 30)

Come learn a Hip Hop dance. All level of dancers welcome, male and female!  Daily attendance required. Performance at SPEC Talent Show!


Hula Class (this is just a placeholder and we’ll put more info there as soon as we know where this class will be held!)


Photographers Lynda & Alan Roberson (Meet @ Pyrography)

If you have your own digital camera, like to work independently, and would like to take pictures for the website, this session is for you. Check in to pick up your assignments and “photographer” badge. You will be required to return the badge and download your photos at the end of each class session.. Monday-Thursday


Pyrography Lynda & Alan Roberson (Tent on the Quad—Limit: 36)

Learn the ancient and unusual art of “fire writing.” Originally created using steel tools heated over a charcoal fire, today’s pyrography is created with the precision of hot electric pens. From simple designs to complex creations, this is an art anyone can do! Work one day or all week, but only ONE project per person.


Radio Broadcasting for Beginners Paul Davis (KBUZ studio-MSC—Limit: 8)

This class is designed for the talkative and outgoing personality in everyone. Experience life behind the microphone playing your favorite songs and interviewing other Spec campers and leaders. Your voice will be broadcast out on the Graceland campus quad and inside the MSC main room.  Multiple days of attendance is required.


SPEC Book Club Julie Clinefelter (101 Briggs)

Before Bella, Edward and Jacob or Katniss, Peeta and Gale, there was Harry, Ron and Hermione. By popular request, the SPEC Book Club will spend our week discussing J. K. Rowling’s world of Harry Potter.  Muggle or wizard, come join us for an in-depth look at The Boy Who Lived!


Stone-Carving Gail & Tom Sundell, Mike & Kery Nelms (Sculpture Studio Helene Center—Limit: 20)

Carve alabaster stone into three-dimensional creations.  Large and small projects available. Daily attendance is encouraged and may be necessary for project completion. Extra instruction available in the afternoons.


Stamping Class Deborah Adams (Art Gallery Helene Center—Limit: 15) –Not only can you stamp on paper, we’ll be stamping on wood, leather, canvas, dominoes, and cigar boxes. We’ll be making a small picture journal. Come and enjoy stamping!


The Gospel According to The Simpsons Bob Brennan (201 Zimmerman)

Is there anything holy in Springfield?  Find out what Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie have to say about some of life’s biggest questions! Each class we will watch and discuss an episode from the Simpsons.


Watercolor Jeanne Davis (Printmaking Studio Helene Center—Limit: 20)

Basic instruction will include composition, value and color theory along with watercolor techniques like washes, glazing, dry-brush and lifting. This class will need a 2 – 3 day commitment. A finished piece will be included in the final Art Show.


What’s The Buzz Delores Dorland (Student Gallery Helene Center, North)

Not the latest news flash…but wooden objects that make themselves heard when spinning. Bull roarers and buzz buttons are quick to make and are really cool once you learn how to spin them. One can be made in a single class period.


Afternoon Class

Quilts for Comfort Delores Dorland (Student Gallery, Helene Center – 2:15 pm)

Help sew together quilt squares or tie existing quilts that will be shared with Fire departments, Hospitals, and Police stations across Harrison County, IA

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