Adventure Classes

Each year SPEC offers a huge array of classes we like to call “Adventures!” SPEC is a safe place to try something new, ask hard questions, and stretch yourself creatively. We’ve reorganized the list so you can see what kind of time commitment each class requires. Take a look at what you can try this year!


Classes —5 Days of Fun So Be Here Every Day!


Double Session (11:15-1:05)

Amateur Radio (Ham) Licensing Class  Terry Redding (103 Resch—Limit: 30)  Earn your amateur radio license during Spectacular!  This course presents and teaches the knowledge needed to pass the entry level Technician Class amateur radio license examination.  Books and materials provided.  If you want to know more about shortwave, radio communications and  ham radio, this is the class for you.  We’ll also explore the exciting possibilities of using computers to communicate via amateur radio using remote base and remote site technology.

Beginning Golf and Golf Tournament  Kevin Brunner (Meet @ Quad Tent—Limit: 14)  This class is required for anyone that wants to play in the Spec golf tournament.  It may be taken one time to learn the game of golf.  It can only be repeated if you are playing in the tournament.  If you plan to play in the tournament, you must report to the first day of class and sign in.**This class will not meet on Thursday. See sports desk for tournament details.**

Celebration & Worship  Worship Team (104 & 105 Resch)  Do you sing, dance, speak, lead, emcee, act, plan, pray, have a testimony, read, or anything else? We want YOU! This class is for everyone who has a desire to share their gift in a worship experience this week. We will be forming a youth band, choreographing dance, planning drama, putting together each Morning Celebration as well as other worship experiences. See you there!

School of Rock! (Shaw 179) Jammers Unite! Do you play the guitar? What about drums? Keyboards? Bass? Do you like rock music? What about blues? Country? Want to play in a band with other Spec campers? Want to learn more about band equipment and actually help do some of the live production work at Spec? If you answered yes to any of these questions, THIS is the class for YOU!

SPEC Presents:  Waking Sleeping Beauty  Todd Davison and Crew (Shaw Auditorium) Come be part of the cast and crew of this year’s SPEC Presents: Waking Sleeping Beauty.  The first day of class we’ll go over parts and talk through set design and lighting/sound needs. Auditions for parts will be Sunday afternoon from 4-6pm. Performance is Thursday evening!


Classes—Plan 2-3 Days or More To Learn or Complete a Project

Both Sessions (11:15 OR 12:15)

Acrylic Painting Greg Schieszer (Painting Studio Helene Center—Limit: 25) Enjoy the experience of teacher instructed painting to produce a picture reflecting the Spec theme: Beyond. Independent painting option, with teacher guidance, limited space available.


Ceramics Jim Olson, Carol & David Birks (Ceramics Studio Helene Center—Limit: 25)Learn the basics building techniques and try your hand at the potter’s wheel. Projects must be started by Tuesday and daily attendance may be necessary for project completion. Check with the instructors about Raku firing at dusk–a sight not to be missed!

Counted Cross-stitch Thea Shelton (Walker Lounge South) Counted Cross-stitch is an easy to learn and life-long craft. Stitch patterns from Christmas to birds to samplers, and new for this year, a Canada Maple leaf. You will get a kit that has everything you need to complete your pattern and display your finished product. Guaranteed to keep you in stitches.

Drawing Naomi Barlow (Drawing Studio Helene Center) Come explore drawing techniques with pencil, charcoal, and pastels. Still life option will be available but free-drawing also welcome.

Glass Fusion Donna & Megan Fletcher (Classroom Helene Center—Limit: 15) Glass fusion has rapidly grown in popularity over the last few years. If you want to learn more about this “hot” craft, come by and check this class out. You could make a glass pendant necklace, earrings, magnet, ceiling fan pull, or a small medallion for wall or mirror.

GU Dance Teaches Hip Hop GU Gadet dance officers (Shaw Movement/Dance Room 151—Limit: 30) This class is open to anyone that wants to have fun and learn a Hip Hop dance. All level of dancers welcome, guys and girls! Performance at SPEC Talent Show!

Stamping Class Deborah Adams (Art Gallery Helene Center—Limit: 15) Not only can you stamp on paper, we’ll be stamping on wood, leather, canvas, dominoes, and cigar boxes. We’ll be making a small picture journal. Come and enjoy stamping!

Stone-Carving Gail & Tom Sundell, Mike & Kery Nelms (Sculpture Studio Helene Center—Limit: 20) Carve alabaster stone into three-dimensional creations.  Large and small projects available. Daily attendance is encouraged and may be necessary for project completion. Extra instruction available in the afternoons.

Watercolor Jeanne Davis (Printmaking Studio Helene Center—Limit: 20) Basic instruction will include composition, value and color theory along with watercolor techniques like washes, glazing, dry-brush and lifting. This class will need a 2 – 3 day commitment. A finished piece will be included in the final Art Show.


11:15 Session Only

Telamadera Delores Dorland (Student Gallery Helene Center, North–Limit 10) Tell a ma what? This is an art form that combines wood, fabric, paint and varnish to create an amazing design that’s hard to believe that it is made from these materials.


12:15 Session Only

Chime In Delores Dorland (Student Gallery N Helene Center—Limit: 20) Three types of wind chimes will be made, in a two-day class period, with a variety of materials. Sun—Mon: stained glass. Tues-Wed: PVC pipe. Wed-Thurs: Conduit pipe.



Classes—Come 1 Day or Every Day!

Double Session (11:15-1:05)

Zion’s League Gamers  Kyle Logan (302 Zimmerman)  Come join us as we embark on the path of the disciple.  We will be playing Dungeons and Dragons-type of game called “Disciple.”  In the game, you will create your own character and go on a journey across the world helping people.  There will be twists and turns!  Every action you take changes the course of the game!  Are you ready to go into the Great Beyond?


Both Sessions (11:15 OR 12:15)

Drastic Flying Plastic  Bob Kelly & team (Meet @ Quad Tent—Limit: 50)  This intro to Disc Golf will work on throwing techniques, rules of fair play and courtesy, making new friends, and enjoying God’s creation. Disc golf promotes healthy body, mind, and spirit! Must be on time to play!

LITTLE and big Questions  Andrew & Jewell Bolton (314 Zimmerman)  This is a class where you can safely explore your BIG and little questions. “Is there a God?” “What happens when I die?” “Who is Jesus?” “Is God real?” “Is it okay to drink?” These questions and any you bring to class will be openly discussed and the group will come up with a joint agreement on confidentiality.  Bring a Bible if you want!

Outreach International  Amy Nelms & Lindsay Harmon (100 Briggs—Limit: 40)  Sustainable Good with Outreach International:  This is an interactive class that will help equip you to raise awareness and get active in abolishing poverty and ending suffering. Come learn about how poverty impacts people around the world and what you can do to make a difference!

Physical Theatre/Clowning Colton James (Shaw Center Lobby) This class will be about coming out of our shells, and freeing the most human and ridiculous sides of our personalities.  Each person’s individual sense of humor will come out as spontaneity is encouraged!  The skills acquired from this course allow us to be more free and present- onstage and in life.

Pyrography Lynda & Alan Roberson (Tent on the Quad—Limit: 36)  Learn the ancient and unusual art of “fire writing.” Originally created using steel tools heated over a charcoal fire, today’s pyrography is created with the precision of hot electric pens. From simple designs to complex creations, this is an art anyone can do! Work one day or all week, but only ONE project per person.

SPEC Book Club  Julie Clinefelter (205 Briggs)  Orcs, Ents and Hobbits, oh my!  The epic fantasy trilogy The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, published in 1954, has inspired artwork, music, films, video games and more.  If you’ve enjoyed Middle Earth in any of these manifestations, whether as an artist, writer, reader or musician, join us for a look into why Tolkien is considered the father of modern day fantasy.

SPEC’s Kitchen  Beth Thompson (S. Americas Room – MSC—Limit: 48)  Join Chef Beth as she teaches the fundamentals and the secrets associated with being a good cook. There will be food and of course, FUN!

Stage Movement and Dance Shelley Judd  (JR Shaw Theater) Want to explore a variety of dance styles throughout the week including movement, Jazz, Pantomime, Ballroom, Tango and Swing?  We take students of all experience and skill levels!

T-Shirts Re-imagined Shelby Williams (Walker Lounge—Limit: 15) How many t-shirts have you thrown out, given away, or sold in a garage sale because they were past their prime? Cut it out! No, really, cut it…and make something new. You’ll take old shirts and give them a new life as bracelets, headbands, tank tops, scarves and necklaces…or whatever your little heart fancies.

What’s The Buzz Delores Dorland (Student Gallery Helene Center, North) We’re not talking about the latest news flashes. Instead we are talking about wooden objects that make themselves heard when spinning. These are very quick to make and are really cool once you learn how to spin them. One of these items can be made in a single class period, so you can express your creative side on both sides of a piece of wood and listen to it buzz when you are finished.

World Service Corps  Emily Penrose McLaughlin (206 Briggs)   World Service Corps volunteers will talk about their experiences of living in another culture, what they did with the church and community, and share food and lead a game from their host culture. Come learn more about this international volunteer ministry of Community of Christ, and ways you may be able to get involved!


11:15 Session Only

Beyond Expectations-How We Encounter God in Ordinary Life  Poul Wilson & Larry McGuire (Cheville Chapel—Limit: 25. GUYS ONLY)  Tired of conforming to the world, explore through story, song and multi media, how to live beyond the cultural expectations and learn how to live the vibrant life of a disciple.

Community of Christ –Today & Tomorrow  The Veazeys (Heritage Chapel – Ad Bldg)  Come share with President Steve Veazey and his wife Cathi. What does it mean to be part of Community of Christ? Where do you fit into this faith movement? How do you get involved in mission? Make your voice heard and join the discussion!

Disciple: The Faithful Faction  John Wight & Stassi Cramm (204 Briggs)  Initiates, although there was no reaping ceremony, your name was still called.  Regardless of your theoretical “aptitude test,” this faction–the faithful faction–is for you.  “Train” one day or spend the entire week! We’ll use “The Hunger Games”, “Divergent”, and other pop culture connections to explore what it means to be a disciple in Community of Christ.  The “choice” is yours: May God be ever in your favor.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Bible, but Were Afraid to Ask  Tony & Charmaine Chvala-Smith  (201 Zimmerman )  Beyond “the Bible says….”   What is the Bible and what’s it for? Exploring your questions about the Bible. Considering ways the Bible can connect us with God, rather than constrict, control, or condemn.

Women Empowered  Mark Barentine & Becca Madden (MSC Main—Limit: 40. GIRLS ONLY)  Come to this women’s self defense program developed by the Gracies, head trainers at the Gracie Academy in Torrance, CA.  Features techniques taken from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu designed to teach women how to neutralize the 15 most common attacks.  No previous martial arts or self-defense experience needed.


12:15 Session Only

#BadGirlsDoGood – What we can learn from BAD girls of the Bible?  Barb Carter & Stassi Cramm (204 Briggs)  Do you ever feel like you just can’t get it right? Life as a disciple is not about being perfect. It is about giving yourself a break (forgiveness), being willing to change (repentance), and believing you can do great things (faith). We’ll look at a different “bad girl” from the Bible each day and see what their life has to teach us!

BEYOND High School: Everything You Need to Know About Getting into College  GU Admissions (Lower Conference Room – Ad Bldg) The Admissions team will share their know-how with you and answer all your questions about getting into college!

Calling All Angels  Larry and Sharon Norris (Sandidge Study)  You could save a life! Personal experience and a DVD will be used to teach the signs of depression to help prevent suicide.

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu  Mark Barentine & Becca Madden  (MSC Main—Limit: 40)  For over 85 years the Gracie family has been teaching their style of self-defense to those seeking protection, health, and self-confidence.  You’ll learn how leverage and timing can withstand an attack from an opponent that is bigger, stronger, and more athletic regardless of your age or athletic ability.  No previous experience needed.

For Beatings or Blessing?  Using the Bible Nonviolently  Tony & Charmaine Chvala-Smith (201 Zimmerman)  The world is saturated with religious violence and violent religion. How can scripture contribute to an alternative? Each day we’ll explore passages that can create peace within us and among us. Video clips from movies and various spiritual practices will help us explore the impact sacred words can have for good in the world.

Photo and Story Tour of the Church in  Central & South America  Art Smith (107 Briggs)  Do church members in South America really eat guinea pigs and potatoes that have spent a year buried in a soggy hole in the ground?! What’s it like to be a teenager going to church in the country with the highest murder rate in the world?! It’s not all jungle and strange foods. Come learn what Community of Christ is like there through pictures and stories.


Afternoon Opportunities

Performing Arts in the Park (Quad Tent – 2-3 pm) Stop by each day at the main tent between 2-3pm to see what great new thing you can try! Singing, dancing, drumming and more!

Quilts for Comfort Delores Dorland (Student Gallery, Helene Center – 2:15 pm) Help sew together quilt squares or tie existing quilts that will be shared with the Fire departments, Hospitals, and Police stations across Harrison County, Iowa.


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