Daily Themes

This year’s theme, “Let Go” has been a challenging one for us. At first pass, it seems so easy… just let go, shake it off, don’t freak out, or some other great phrase about being chill and calm and collected.

But to let go is actually a really hard thing. It’s something that no one can decide to do for you. You have choose to let go. On your own.  And through the support of a sacred community…like SPECTACULAR.

At SPEC this year we are reclaiming the idea of let go and let God in a radical departure from popular thought. We’re going to explore some of the things we all need to let go of in order to let God’s love and light shine through our lives more fully. Letting go of things like pre-conceptions, excess, image, fears, past actions, limits, and more.

In the act of letting go, we automatically make space. We’ll be exploring how to let God fill that space through practical tools we can use every day, simple spiritual practices that connect us to God, and the art of being present.

The daily themes this year have been created as pairs. By doing this, we can spend some quality time exploring each one!

Sunday:  Let go of Image…

Monday:  …and Be Present

Tuesday:  Let go of Judgement…

Wednesday:   …and Be Love

Thursday:  Let go of Limits…

Friday  …and Be Brave

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