For Campers


These expectations were created to help campers understand and abide by expectations of SPECTACULAR campers. It will help foster a respectful, safe and healthy environment in which we can explore our faith, make new friends, worship and learn together.

Please review this with your parent or legal guardian:

• Because God calls us to create sacred community with each other, I will uphold the values of SPECTACULAR and conduct myself in a manner that promotes a community of faith.

• I will participate in all activities and work with others to learn and grow from my experiences.

• I will treat all people with dignity and respect. Yes…I know that means no insults, sexual innuendos, degrading speech etc.

• I will model a positive attitude and spirit of generosity and compassion. I will encourage others to do the same.

• I will model good sportsmanship as a player and a fan.

• I will respect the property of all people and places. If I find something that does not belong to me, I will turn it in to the lost and found.

• I will not bring or use tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, fireworks, weapons, pornographic material, or anything else of this kind. I realize that such behavior is not acceptable and would require my dismissal from this community.

• I will not engage in any form of sexual activity.

• I will wear clothing that is appropriate for a youth event.
—Shirts, shorts and shoes must be worn at all times.
—Nothing that promotes alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, racism, sexism or sexual
activities/situations, etc.
—So basically … if you can’t wear it to school, don’t bring it to SPEC.

• I will observe the following guidelines for visiting the rooms of others:
—There will be no opposite gender visitation in the dorm rooms.
—Visitation will only be in public areas.

• I will report all instances of sexual harassment and sexual exploitation to my delegation staff or a member of the SPECTACULAR staff.

• I will be mindful of my roommate’s right to privacy.

• I will honor my responsibility to be on time and prepared, including honoring curfews each night.

• I will not leave campus. If I need to leave campus for any reason, I will obtain permission from my delegation leader and an adult will be selected to accompany me.

• I understand and accept that violation of this Covenant could result in my returning home at my own expense before the meeting’s conclusion.

Disciplinary Action

If an individual fails to meet the camper or staff expectations, the SPEC directors and head of security will work with delegation leaders to determine an appropriate course of action. It is our intention to be fair and just, but we are serious about providing a safe and sacred community.

• Disciplinary action will never include physical punishment but might consist of restriction of participation, restriction to an assigned area, apology to the group, additional duties, etc.

• If leaders feel a situation warrants notification, parents or guardians will be contacted.

• If the infraction is serious, the SPECTACULAR directors, head of security, and the delegation leaders will determine if an individual will be asked to leave.

—Individuals (or the parent or guardian) who are asked to leave SPECTACULAR will be responsible for all transportation expenses and fees. Registration and other travel fees will not be reimbursed.
—If damage to property occurs, individuals will be assessed for the cost of damages and repair.
—Individuals who break public laws will be asked to leave SPEC and will be subject to legal action by law enforcement authorities.

This covenant is the foundation of expectations for the entire SPECTACULAR community. We understand and support delegations that choose to hold their campers to further accountability at this event.


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