The SPECTACULAR experience is a unique blend of arts, leadership, sports and worship.


Worship experiences are camper-led and happen each day! A daily class is held for campers who want to be involved in the planning and production of those experiences.  We are always looking for musicians, vocalists, dancers, actors, writers, and assorted helpers to join the fun.

SPEC Today
SPEC Today classes give campers the chance to explore and deepen their understanding of the daily theme or focus through Scripture, small group discussions, games, music, spiritual practices, videos and more.

A super-wide variety of adventures in leadership development, art, crafts, music, theatre, movies, theology, cooking, books, and much more are available in two sessions each day.

One of the longest-running areas of the SPECTACULAR program, campers can participate at varying skill levels in team and individual sports like volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, tennis, raquetball, table tennis, wrestling, track, swimming, and quiz bowl.

Each year SPEC Presents produces a full-scale theatre or musical show complete with costumes and sets. Auditions are held and rehearsals happen during Adventure time each day. Another opportunity to showcase the unique talent of our campers is Extravaganza!

Each year several artists, entertainers, and inspiritational speakers are invited to join us for the week and share their gifts with SPECTACULAR.



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