2019 Adventure Classes!

This year more than 30 different adventures are offered in two sessions each morning. Check out the variety and try something new!

Acrylic Painting Greg Schieszer (Painting Studio Helene— Limit 25) Enjoy the experience of teacher instructed painting to produce a picture reflecting the Spec theme: Belong.

Advanced Ceramics Ceramics Team (Ceramics Studio Helene—Limit 20) Previous potter’s wheel experience required. Learn several techniques to use on the wheel and construct a project.

Amateur Radio Mike Thayer (Library Rm. 25—Limit 12) Earn your Amateur Radio Technician license with exam on Friday. Books and materials provided.

Beginning Ceramics Ceramics Team (Ceramics Studio Helene—Limit 20) Using sheets of clay, learn several techniques for Flatwork. A project includes construction and glazing.

Beginning Golf & Tournament Kevin Brunner (Meet @ Quad Tent—Limit 14) Come learn and play golf for a few days, then join the tournament on Tuesday.

Beginning Wheel Ceramics Team (Ceramics Studio Helene—Limit 20+) Have some extra time in the afternoons? Learn basic construction techniques with individualized instruction on using the potter’s wheel.

BEYOND High School GU Admissions (G04 Admin. Bldg—Limit 15) Overall steps and information about the college search/application/financial aid process.

Celebration & Worship Daniel Harmon & Emily Rose (103 & 105 Resch) Do you sing, dance, speak, lead, emcee, act, plan, pray, have a testimony, read, or anything else? We want YOU! This class is for everyone who has a desire to share their gift in Morning Celebration as well as other worship experiences. See you there!

Chime In Delores Dorland (Student Gallery Helene—Limit 20) Make a Joyful Noise-Construct wind chimes from colored glass.

Comedy Writing Steve Hensley & Colby Carlson (JR Theater—Limit 10) Ever watched SNL and wonder how those sketches are created? Seasoned Chicago comedians Colby & Steve will help you learn standup, sketch, and comedic character writing.

Creative Knotting Delores Dorland (Student Gallery Helene—Limit 20) Choice of projects from wearable art to wall décor. Plant hangers can be made for the Fairy Gardens.

Disc Golf Adam Morrison & Zackeriath Johnson (Meet @ Quad Tent) Benefit from 30+ years of combined experience of Adam and Zack for this intro to Disc Golf. We’ll work on throwing techniques, rules of fair play and courtesy, and making new friends in the great outdoors!

Drawing Naomi Barlow (Drawing Studio Helene—Limit 15) Increase your drawing skills through direct instruction on drawing skills and specific exercises. Choose a picture or bring your own to draw and complete an amazing piece.

eSports Jared Doty (TBD—Limit 10) Want to get better? Drills, exercises, and practice you can do to improve your eSports performance!

Fairy Gardens Delores Dorland (Student Gallery Helene—Limit 20) Create your own miniature garden to take home.

Faith, Action, Politics, & Justice Zac Mac (201 Zimmerman) In a world that is more divisive how can we be advocates of peace in a time of turmoil and polarities? Theology is everywhere and is part of everything! Come, challenge, be challenged, and be forever changed.

Free Listening Benjamin Mathes (Quad Lawn) Join Urban Confessional founder, Benjamin, in open discussion about this incredible movement that is sweeping the planet. Learn listening skills that you can model and share in your community.

Gadets Hip Hop GU Gadets (151 Shaw—Limit 30) This class is open to anyone that wants to have fun and learn a Hip Hop dance. All level of dancers welcome, guys and girls!

#GirlStrong Ginelle Sakima Roberts, Kara Vojcsik (106 Resch—GIRLS ONLY) Come find your true, authentic power. Unlock your strengths by sifting through YOUR story and learn how to own your space in this world. You are worthy, you are enough.

Glass Fusion Donna & Megan Fletcher (E101 Helene—Limit 15) It’s HOT! You could make a glass pendant necklace, earrings, magnet, or a small medallion for wall or mirror.

Hula Plus Trudi Gunderson (Shaw Lobby) Come move your hips, hands, feet at once while smiling and telling a story through ancient and modern Hula. Aunty Trudi welcomes you into the strength and grace of this Hawaiian practice.

Improv Steve Hensley & Colby Carlson (JR Theater—Limit 10) Ever watched John Mulaney tell jokes and think “I could do that”? Join seasoned Chicago comedians Colby & Steve to build your improvisational skills!

Jiu-Jitsu Kery Nelms & Becca Madden (Tess Lobby —Limit 30) Come learn the basics for protection, health, and self-confidence. No experience needed.

Like a BOSS Kara & Ginelle + Doug Roberts (106 Resch) Bring Our Super Self – Explore the concepts talked about in #GirlStrong in a forum open to everyone.

Loom Knitting Sandi Boyd (Walker Lounge North—Limit 10) Anyone can learn to knit in minutes! Make hats to keep or leave them with us to donate. Let your creative juices flow! Relaxing, fun, and in the A/C!

Pyrography Lynda & Alan Roberson (Tent on the Quad—Limit 36) Originally created using steel tools over a charcoal fire, today’s pryography is created with the precision of hot, electric pens. Most projects take three days to finish so plan accordingly. (ONE project/person)

Residing in the Rhythm Tyler Horringa (Tess Great Room) What music do you most resonate with? Is it possible to find the Divine in the music you love? Come to class willing to both share music that is deeply important to your heart while also intentionally listening to meaningful songs chosen by your peers.

Ring’s the Thing Janelle Varvaro (E101 Helene—Limit 15) Create a unique ring for yourself using copper wire and glass beads. Limit one class session per person.

Sacredness of Creation Max Pitt and Cathryn Cannavino (Quad Lawn) Actively Explore — sustainable food options, causes of poverty, reasons for immigration, environmental change, and water issues. Learn from the animals. Sponsored by Graceland’s C.H. Sandage School of Business.

School of Rock! (179 Shaw) Jammers Unite! Do you play the guitar? What about drums? Keyboards? Bass? Do you like rock music? What about blues? Country? Want to play in a band with other Spec campers? If you answered yes to any

SPECial Guests Stassi Cramm & Guests (Heritage Chapel) Bishop Cramm will host this session with different guests each day. Come for open discussion and Q&A with Stassi and our SPECial guests.

SPEC Book Club Julie Clinefelter (Library) This year we will be discussing your favorite book series! Whether it is an old favorite or something new, come ready to talk books.

SPEC Presents: Press Start Todd Davison and Crew (Shaw Auditorium) Come be part of the cast and crew of this year’s musical. The first day of class we’ll start learning music/choreography and talk through roles and technical needs before auditions Sunday evening.

SPEC Sports Clinic GU Coaches (Meet @ Gym Sports Desk—Limit 30) Looking for an opportunity to work on fundamentals, get in extra practice, and get expertise from a university head coach? Each day we’ll offer a different sport so choose one or more that interest you. All skill levels welcome!

Stamping Class Deborah Adams (Art Gallery Helene—Limit 15) Not only can you stamp on paper, we’ll be stamping on wood, leather, canvas, dominoes, cigar boxes and small picture journals.

Stone-Carving (3D) Carving Crew (Sculpture Studio Helene—Limit 15) Carve alabaster stone into amazing 3D creations—large and small projects available. Extra instruction available in the afternoon if needed.

Stone-Carving (2D) Carving Crew (Sculpture Studio Helene—Limit 12) Sand and polish your stone, draw and trace your design on a flat piece of alabaster, then engrave your final 2D masterpiece. Extra instruction available in the afternoon if needed.

Sun Prints Delores Dorland (Student Gallery Helene) Using light sensitive paint, cotton cloth, and select objects, make a design that will reveal itself when placed in a sunny spot to dry.

Women Empowered Kery Nelms & Becca Madden (Tess Lobby—Limit 30. GIRLS ONLY) Building confidence in yourself, learning to defend.No previous martial arts experience needed.

Yoga & Meditation Amy Black (Amphitheatre) Come stretch, build strength, learn new poses, and tap into your inner quiet self. Each day we will explore something a little different. Campers and staff welcome!