The S T ( ) R Y continues…

Some of you may recall that our financial offerings collected during worship on Tuesday evening at SPEC this summer went to support a wonderful non-profit called HealthEd Connect. Their mission is to empower women and children through evidence-based health, education, and advocacy programs.

With your generous contributions at SPEC, lives are being directly changed for good! Here’s a little window into how some of the money was spent!

Emily Penrose-McLaughlin, HealthEd Connect’s executive director and long-time part of the SPEC family, shared her appreciation and thanks.

We really appreciated the opportunity to share our story with SPEC this summer, which is the stories of the children and women and community members that we serve.

At each of the locations where photos were taken I had the opportunity to share about a youth camp called “Spec” and told them that the campers and staff heard about the community schools serving orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia and the campers wanted to share of their resources to support their education.

It was an honor to be able to share with each group this one way (out of many ways) that we are connected, we are part of each other’s story, and young people in other parts of the world know about them and care about them. We have much to be thankful for!


2018 09 Mapalo 076a - Kabomba Workshop jk

We had a Kabomba (meaning “servant leader”) workshop at the Mapalo Young Peacemakers School (one of the 3 schools that HEC supports). Community members from the 3 locations where HealthEd Connects supports schools came together to learn, share ideas, and collaborate on ways of volunteering to survey, identify, and support needs in their communities (especially for children). This pic is the “graduates” of that 2-day workshop, proudly holding their certificates.


2018 09 Zamtan 024 sk

We always love to see these cute school kids in their “candy pink” uniforms! Zamtan Community School of Peace is really excited (and so are we!) because next year they will be opening the classroom block for grade 7, completing the school for grades K – 7.


2018 09 Kasompe - Spec Photo epm

Kasompe Community School of Peace has this wonderfully large tree in the school yard to provide shade for the many kids who call this their home and place of learning. We love to visit here.

Girls Achievement Program (GAP)

2018 09 Kasompe 148 - GAP jk

During the offertory message shared at SPEC, Shandra spoke about one of the girls receiving a scholarship to go on from our school (which ends at grade 7) through grade 12. Students in the Girls Achievement Program meet weekly as an extracurricular for life skills training, conversations about health safety and well being, and educational support. Also, as part of the GAP program, each year, at each of the 3 schools, HealthEd Connect supports 5 girls + 1 general scholar (could be boy or girl) selected to move on from grade 7 onward through high school. Scholars are selected based on their academic performance in primary school and level of need (most all scholars are orphans with little option of having someone support the expenses to continue their education, which is $200 US/year). As each school and GAP program reaches maturity, HealthEd Connect will be supporting 30 scholarships per year at each school – a total of 90 scholarships each year. We’re grateful to have the opportunity to support these students in their academic pursuits and life goals.

SPEC Family… you are so amazing! We’re humbled and blessed to be part of such a generous and loving group of campers and staff. Can’t wait to see you next summer!

Jenn, Doug, and Jamie