SPEC Presents… We Are Monsters!

This year’s performance is a musical called, “We Are Monsters.” The show is about how misunderstanding, ignorance and prejudice can keep us from meeting and forming friendships with others.WeAreMonsters

When some adventurous humans wander into a secret monster cabaret filled with quirky monster characters they uncover vegetarian vampires and rock n’ roll werewolves, gradually realizing there may be more to these monsters than meets the eye.

Most importantly these monsters and kids discover the importance of friendship and celebrating the attributes that make each of us different and unique. Lots of fun roles for singers and non-singers.

2013 “SPEC Presents” Announced!

This summer’s ‘SPEC Presents” show is…

The Hamlet Thrill-ma-geddon

To sell out or not to sell out? Not really much of a question. After their budget is slashed, the drama club turns to Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy to raise cash, but it’s not tickets that are going to fund this year’s show: It’s sweet, sweet corporate sponsorship and mid-play commercial advertising. The sponsors demand changes in the stodgy old script, but who cares if Shakespeare never wrote musical numbers with back-up dancers or post-apocalyptic zombie battles? He’s dead and he can’t complain. Or sue. A lightning-quick, hilarious perversion of the greatest play in the English language.

Encourage your theatre-loving friends to come audition for this fun show at SPECTACULAR! We’ll also need stage crew and all are welcome!