SPECTACULAR is an intentional sacred community that values:

God With Us—

We believe in God’s desire to be present in each person’s life. Through the model of Jesus’ life and ministry, SPECTACULAR offers relevant, authentic, grace-filled dialogue and experiences that transform lives.


We value healthy, honest relationships. SPECTACULAR creates opportunities to make and nurture long-lasting friendships with each other, with staff, and with God.

Worth of All People (diversity)—

We uphold the uniqueness of each individual and embrace each one’s giftedness. SPECTACULAR seeks to break down the walls that separate and see each other through the loving, open-minded eyes of Jesus.

Growth & Risk—

We value the chance to grow and change and try new things. SPECTACULAR is a safe place where choices to intentionally step out of a comfort zone can lead to life-changing personal and spiritual growth.

A Safe Place—

We believe in an open place that is welcoming and non-judgemental; a place where people are free to make discoveries and mistakes; a place feels secure and at peace. SPECTACULAR is that place…it is called sanctuary.


We uphold the life-giving assurance of God’s love. SPECTACULAR seeks to affirm that love through opportunities that offer blessing as well as opportunities to accept blessing from others.

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